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    Dr. Ramona Singletary-Robertson, LGPC

    Dr. Ramona Singletary-Robertson is a Licensed Graduate Professional Counselor (LGPC) in the State of Maryland. She has a Doctor of Psychology from Walden University (2023), a Master of Science in Human Service – School Counseling from National-Louis University (2002), and a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice from Aurora University (1990).

    Dr. Singletary-Robertson steadfastly believes that the foundation of a successful therapeutic journey is envisioning the end goal from the onset. The pillars of her practice are built on fostering a positive therapeutic rapport and encouraging clients to embrace change. Together, we work to unlock the potential for personal growth and meaningful transformation. 

    Dr. Singletary-Robertson has worked in school counseling for over 25 years and currently works full-time as a High School Counselor. She has experience working within schools, communities, and mental health settings. Areas of specialty include grief, depression, anxiety, and trauma. Trained in EMDR.